Are Body Pillows Good For Pregnancy?
Pregnancy can play havoc with your sleep patterns, especially during the second and third trimester. You’ll want to get the right kind of support for your body, especially the baby bump. A body pillow can help with this, offering support and comfort during pregnancy.
Why You Need a Body Pillow
Why are body pillows good for pregnancy? A body pillow provides support to your body when it needs it the most. You’ll need a body pillow because your sleeping habits change during pregnancy. Specifically, you’ll find that your sleeping positions are radically altered.
As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll quickly discover that the only viable way to sleep is on your side. Sleeping on your stomach is like sleeping on a giant ball that will kick you. Sleeping on your back is dangerous because it can compress a vein that provides your baby with blood. Therefore, that only really leaves side sleeping as an option.
Unfortunately, this has its own issues. Without something to support the baby bump, you’ll have trouble relaxing. A full body pillow is helpful in this case for doing just that. It will provide the support you need and allow you to mould your body to it.
Benefits of Body Pillows
Outside of supporting your baby bump, a body pillow can have a lot of benefits.
  • Body pillows can help to relieve joint pressure.
  • Body pillows can help correct poor spinal alignment for a better posture.
  • Body pillows can help improve circulation during sleep.
  • Body pillows can help with overall sleep quality.

It’s not difficult to see the benefits of body pillows from the perspective of a pregnant person. You’re likely to suffer from joint pressure, poor posture and circulation issues. A body pillow can help to remedy all of these.
Top Body Pillows For Pregnancy
Not all body pillows are created equal. Looking for the right one is tricky, and takes time. However, we’ve created a shortcut, and put together a review of the best ones.

Here are our top six pillows:

1) Kally U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This body pillow is soft, big enough for multiple positions, and easy to incorporate into your space.

2) Silentnight Body Support Pillow

This body pillow may not be U-shaped, but it is comfortable, and plenty big enough to offer support.

3) Dunelm Pregnancy Soft-Support Body Pillow

This pillow is soft, ideal for many sleeping positions and has a synthetic fibre.

4) Kolbray U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow will support your belly, back, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs, and is also designed to double as your nursing pillow.

5) KneePillow Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

The U design of this pillow makes it flawless for any pregnant woman to combat pains.

6) Soak & Sleep Full Body Pillow

Last but by no means least, this body pillow is soft and comfortable, and it comes with a pillowcase for ease of use.


The type of body pillow you pick will depend on your specific needs. Every pregnancy is different, and each body shape will need a unique pillow.

Experimentation is the name of the game to find your ideal pillow, so try out a couple. They can be a major help for your sleep patterns.