Self-adjusting Memory Foam Pillow

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  • Best for: Back Sleeper, Side Sleeper
  • Features: Memory Foam, Firm, Orthopaedic, Regulates Temperature, Anatomic Support
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  • 2-year guarantee, 14-day return policy

The Self-adjusting Memory Foam Pillow is designed to ensure that you are sleeping with the right height pillow. With one top core layer and two removable layers, this pillow removes the guesswork involved in trying to sleep at the right height.

Sleeping with your spine in alignment can reduce neck and back pain as well as reducing headaches and the three-layer support is designed to keep your spine in alignment as you sleep.

This pillow is perfect for back and side sleepers alike, with a built-in ear recess for side sleepers to reduce ear-soreness, and grooves for your shoulders when on your back and side for optimal support. The Self-adjusting Memory Foam Pillow also has a contoured surface for improved ventilation.

Includes stretch, poly-cotton removable cover that fits all three layers.


Layer dimensions:
  1. Top core layer (9.5cm)
  2. Removable layer (3.5cm)
  3. Removable base layer (2cm)

Max pillow size - L58 x W33.5 x H15cm 

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