Tempur Comfort Pillow

Tempur Comfort Pillow Original
Tempur Comfort Pillow Original
74cm x 50cm – Filled Material Micro-Cushions – The Original Memory Foam – Made from NASA Recognised Supportive Memory Foam Material – Made in Denmark

The science of sleep is nothing new. Pillow makers have invested millions in discovering the best way possible to provide a good night sleep to their consumers and the Tempur Comfort Pillow is the culmination of countless hours of research and development. This pillow utilises materials recognized by NASA for ultimate support and comfort to enhance your sleep while keeping your neck and spine aligned while you rest.

Dimensions for the Tempur Comfort Pillow are 74cm X 50cm so it is a full sized design, but it is the micro cushion materials that make it so special. Upon looking at the pillow, it looks a little different with an altered texture. That texture is not just for looks. It spreads out the weight of your head more effectively to support its weight and deliver a comfortable cushion of ideal comfort throughout the night.

The design allows for ideal comfort on all sides of your head and neck. You will not contend with uncomfortable dips from sleeping on the Tempur Comfort Pillow and it is completely machine washable. Wash after wash, your pillow will spring back to its original sleep for years to come. The huggable micro cushions are able to be fluffed within the pillow for times when you need support in specific areas. The Tempur Comfort Pillow will keep you comfortable throughout the night every night.

Tempur Original Pillow

TEMPUR® Original Pillow Large
TEMPUR® Original Pillow Large
Ergonomically Contoured From TEMPUR® Material For Small/Medium Frames -. Made from NASA Certified Memory Foam Tempur Material – Medium Firmness – Made in Denmark – Washable Soft Cover

Anyone can make a fluffy pillow, but it takes an expert to make one that is truly a supportive design. Unlike other pillows that are simply stuffed with any form of fluff, the Tempur Original Pillow is contoured for ideal comfort. The pillow is shaped to conform to the structure of the neck and head to ensure proper support with memory foam to ensure a medium firmness format. The pillow is designed to help alleviate common back and neck problems that are often exacerbated by sleeping. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated each morning while using the Tempur Original Pillow.

Not only can you expect the Tempur Original Pillow to help you rest better, but it will last for many years to come. In fact, the makers of the Tempur Original Pillow provide a full 3 year warranty to guarantee a high quality sleep throughout the year without fail. The materials used in this specialized pillow will not bunch or crumple due to overuse and will maintain their structure night after night. This pillow is designed ideally for back and side sleepers to offer ultimate support due to its contoured nature.

Washing a pillow can be a huge concern. The rotation of the machine tends to damage the structure of a standard pillow, but not with the Tempur Original Pillow. The contoured design will stay true to form even through the wash. Wash this pillow as often as necessary to ensure your optimal comfort and safety. You never want your pillow to harbor germs and with the Tempur Original Pillow, you need not worry. Additionally, the pillow comes complete with a super soft cover, so you can wash the actual pillow less often without fear of microorganisms negatively impacting your health.

Tempur Symphony Pillow

TEMPUR® Symphony Pillow
TEMPUR® Symphony Pillow
Dual Sided Contoured Pillow For Head and Neck Support – Made from NASA Recognised Supportive Memory Foam TEMPUR® Material – Made in Denmark – Removable Washable Cover

More goes into a good night sleep than merely closing our eyes. A truly restful night sleep allows our body to rest itself for the coming day and the Tempur Symphony Pillow is the ideal solution for those seeking a restful and rejuvenating night sleep. A comprehensive support structure within the interior of this pillow uses specialized materials fashioned from NASA technology. This unique development of supportive memory foam offers to help you rest throughout the night and support every part of your head and neck while you sleep. Results from sleeping on the Tempur Symphony Pillow ensures you wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

Unlike similar advanced foam pillows that only offer one side of comfort, the Tempur Symphony Pillow is dual sided for optimal comfort. When you need the cool side of the pillow for rest, simply flip it over and feel refreshed. The Tempur Symphony Pillow is also completely machine washable. It will not bunch up and lose its shape during a general wash cycle, so you can keep it cleaner than standard pillows. In addition, the Tempur Symphony Pillow comes with a soft, breathable cover to help alleviate the need to wash the whole pillow too often.

The design of the Tempur Symphony Pillow is a gentle arch that allows you to fluff the fibers without losing its shape. The ideal area for restful sleep is in the direct center of the pillow, but the supportive structure is housed throughout the design. You will also enjoy the full 3 year warranty provided by Tempur to ensure year after year, and wash after wash, your pillow remains just as comfortable as the day it was purchased.

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