Simba Hybrid® Foam Pillow, with Temperature regulating Stratos® technology

Measuring 50 x 70cm, this Simba Hybrid pillow has a customisable height. The pillow uses the latest cutting-edge Stratos technology inspired by work with astronauts.

The fabric used helps to regulate your temperature and dissipate heat through mesh layers that allow maximum airflow. The Simba Hybrid pillow uses nanocube technology that is a first for any memory foam pillow manufacturer.

Constructed using five layers of fabric that include a two-sided design with a cooler side, you can keep your head cool during the summer and avoid getting a sweaty head and damp pillow with the Stratos side.

The second side uses luxurious 300 thread count jacquard cotton that delivers the ultimate experience in comfort and softness.

Support for the head and neck

When we sleep, we can change our position up to forty times during the night. This is why you don’t often awaken in the same position you went to sleep in. Your pillow needs to support your head and neck throughout the whole night, so choosing the Simba Hybrid pillow is a sensible move.

The pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers as the memory foam will gently move and cradle your head and neck in a good spinal alignment as you shift position.

You get so much cutting-edge technology in one pillow with the Simba Hybrid. From the astronaut-inspired Stratos technology helping you keep cool and comfortable, to the hypoallergenic nature of the materials used to help people with allergies get a good night’s sleep, you cannot go wrong with this pillow.

Simba Hybrid Pillow (50 x 70 cm)
Simba Hybrid Pillow (50 x 70 cm)

This pillow has been space-inspired by use of fabric technology which regulates temperature. The fibre is very soft and dissipates heat. Airflow is possible thanks to mesh border. Nanocube filling, very innovative makes your sleep enjoyable.

Simba Memory Foam Pillow

This rectangular memory foam pillow from Simba measures 42 x 66 cm. It provides soft yet supportive hypoallergenic comfort for your head while you sleep.

The Simba brand is a leading bedding company in the UK, providing a key range of well-engineered sleep products, including pillows and mattresses. The company carries out ongoing research to ensure they deliver top-quality sleep products and prefer to specialise in providing a small number of effective products.

It goes without saying that this Simba memory pillow is one of the best pillows you can buy in the UK at the moment. It combines dual comfort technology that provides memory foam support on one side for firmer head and neck support and a softer layer on the opposite side for extra-soft cushioning when you need it.

Excellent temperature regulation

The science behind the development of memory foam originates from research conducted with astronauts to develop a material that offers breathability and excellent temperature regulation.

One of the beauties of this Simba pillow is the use of pure memory foam that allows open-air channels for effective air circulation. This allows the heat from your head to escape during the warmer months to keep you cool and comfortable.

However, memory foam is also warm to the touch, so you don’t get a chill in the winter from your head hitting a cold pillow when you want to go to sleep.

Excellent for side and back sleepers, the Simba memory foam pillow will gently move with you as you change position to cradle and support your head and neck in good spinal alignment. The pillow is also 100 per cent hypoallergenic, giving you protection against mould, mildew, bacteria and dust mites.

Simba Memory Foam Pillow
Simba Memory Foam Pillow

42 x 66 cm – Soft, Supportive & Hypoallergenic

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