Memory foam pillows are good for supporting your back because they conform to the shape of your body, keeping your spine aligned and in the right position. By doing this, these supportive pillows help to relieve back pain, keep you comfortable and improve your sleep quality.

Misiki Orthopedic Pillows Contour Memory Foam
Misiki Orthopedic Pillows Contour Memory Foam
This cervical pillow is made of high quality memory foam with moderate hardness to ensure a comfortable support while sleeping, relaxing the neck pain and shoulder stiffness.

What is the best sleeping position for back pain?

Lying flat on your back normally is the best sleeping position for reducing back pain, as this keeps your body in a neutral position. However, if sleeping on your back is still uncomfortable, or you sleep in a different position, here are three ways how you can minimise the pain.

Ecosafeter Contour Memory Foam Pillow
Ecosafeter Contour Memory Foam Pillow
Cervical Orthopedic Deep Sleep Neck Pillow

How to reduce back pain for your sleeping position

Back sleepers

Back sleepers should try tucking a memory foam pillow underneath their knees, as this can alleviate the pressure on the lower back and minimise the pain. You should also have another memory foam pillow underneath your head as usual to keep your spine aligned correctly.

Side sleepers

If you sleep on your side, you can reduce back pain by putting a second memory foam pillow between your knees. This reduces the pressure on your hips and lower back while preventing your spine from moving out of place. To keep the rest of your body in alignment, you should also sleep on your other memory foam pillow like normal.

Front sleepers

Sleeping on your front should be avoided, especially if you suffer from back pain. Stomach sleepers will experience strain and pressure placed on their back, as the spine isn’t kept in a neutral position, which can result in lower back pain and neck ache. You’re more likely to worsen your pain (or cause it) by sleeping on your front, so try to move onto your side or back.

If you are a front sleeper, use two thinner memory foam pillows – one for your head and one underneath your stomach to flatten your body and reduce the strain on your back.

ComfyCozy Luxury Memory Foam Pillow
ComfyCozy Luxury Memory Foam Pillow
Orthopedic Support For Neck Shoulder Pain

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