Memory foam pillows last around 18-36 months before they need replacing. Most of the time, you’ll be able to tell when your pillow is worn out because it will sag and feel uncomfortable to sleep on.

Even if your pillow isn’t obviously sagging, it’s a good idea to check its condition regularly. A worn-out memory foam pillow won’t be as supportive, which can result in neck ache, back pain and poor sleep quality.

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How do you know when memory foam is worn out?

To figure out if your memory foam pillow is worn out, take the fold test.

  1. Fold your pillow in two and hold, or place a heavy book on top of the folded pillow.
  2. Wait a few minutes.
  3. Release your pillow and lie it flat.

If your memory foam pillow easily springs back into its original shape, it should be fine to keep for longer.

However, if the pillow doesn’t fold back out fully, or there is visible sagging in the centre, it’s too old and worn out. For something more supportive and comfortable, choose a new memory foam pillow.

6 signs that your memory foam pillow is worn out

If you’ve tried to the fold test but you’re still not sure, there are other signs that suggest your memory foam pillow is worn out. Here are six things to look out for:

  1. Regularly waking up with neck ache or back pain
  2. Feeling more tired than usual
  3. Increased headaches first thing on a morning
  4. Allergies feel worse than normal
  5. The pillow filling feels clearly lumpy
  6. You often fluff up your pillow to get comfortable

How to make a memory foam pillow last longer?

If your pillow passes the fold test, you can make it last longer by taking good care of it. Maintain your memory foam pillow by regularly cleaning it, as well as washing your pillowcase once a week.

You might also consider a pillow protector case which adds an extra layer of protection.

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