Memory foam pillows are good for side sleepers because they adapt to the shape of your body and keep your spine aligned, which minimises pressure on your back, hips and shoulders. Side sleepers often experience pain in these areas, but a memory foam pillow helps to reduce this.

What kind of pillow does a side sleeper need?

Side sleepers should choose a thicker memory foam pillow, as this will fill the space between your head and shoulders while keeping your body in a comfortable position.

A firmer memory foam pillow can also help side sleepers get a better night’s sleep, as they offer more support and cushioning than a softer pillow, alleviating the pressure placed on your hips and back. You’re less likely to have to fluff up a firmer pillow too, as the memory foam will bounce back to its original position when not in use.

What is the best pillow height for side sleepers?

If you’re a side sleeper, the correct height of your memory foam pillow should be around four to six inches. This will give you the right amount of support to keep your neck and spine in a neutral position. If you’re looking for a new pillow, make sure to check the dimensions to get the right height.

What type of pillow should side sleepers avoid?

If you sleep on your side, avoid pillows which are too soft, as they don’t offer the right level of support needed to keep your head and neck in the right place. Any pillow which you can feel your head sinking into a lot is a bad idea for side sleepers.

Best memory foam pillows for side sleepers

ZenPur - Memory Foam Pillow

ZenPur - Memory Foam Pillow

This is an orthopaedic pillow designed for excellent neck support for side sleepers. The shape of the pillow is engineered to provide cervical spine support to allow for proper alignment. This helps to reduce the risk of putting pressure on the neck during sleep, which causes neck pain.


The pillow comes with a hygienic and soft protective bamboo cover, an Oeko-Tex Certificate, and ten years Warranty. Manufactured by ZenPur, the pillow measures 40 x 60 x 10 centimetres, weighs 2.99 lbs and is made from high-quality Rayon memory foam for excellent performance, durability and longevity.

RIPPLE Memory Foam Pillow

RIPPLE Memory Foam Pillow

Specifically designed to support side sleepers, this ergonomic deep sleep contour pillow from RIPPLE is an ideal choice for anyone that suffers from neck pain.

Manufactured from high-density, slow-stretch memory foam, the pillow measures 60 x 35 x 11 centimetres. The high-low contoured shape has been designed to provide excellent pressure relief on the cervical spine when you sleep on your side.

You can switch the pillow around to provide a low side for people who sleep on their back and turn it to the tall curve side for those who sleep on their side and need the extra neck support.

Fit you Memory Foam Pillow

Fit you Memory Foam Pillow

Designed to offer optimal support and comfort for side sleepers, this contoured memory foam pillow from Fityou can help keep your neck in proper alignment while you sleep.

Side sleepers who suffer neck pain don’t get the support they need from using a flat pillow. Using a contoured memory foam pillow designed with a high side for side sleepers will help reduce the risk of pressure build-up in the cervical spine during the night that causes neck pain.

The pillow comes with a soft, removable, washable pillowcase with a smart blue seam detail. The breathable material used for the cover helps extend your pillow’s life and health.

Ecosafeter Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Ecosafeter Contour Memory Foam Pillow

This memory foam pillow has been specially designed for side sleepers. It provides ideal support for neck, head and spine alignment while sleeping on your side to help prevent pressure and neck pain.

The orthopaedic design is soft enough to provide great comfort for your head and firm support for your neck to help support your cervical spine and reduce the risk of waking up with neck pain.

The pillow comes with a high-quality washable, hypoallergenic pillowcase made from bamboo fibre, ideal for anyone who suffers from dust mite allergies.

Finding it Memory Foam Pillow

Finding it Memory Foam Pillow

This is a larger sized memory foam pillow that has been designed for side sleepers. It is ideal for a king-sized bed, and the pillow measures 27.55×15.74inches. This ergonomic contoured orthopaedic pillow helps side sleepers to reduce the risk of developing neck and shoulder pain.

Made from high-density 5-Seconds-Slow-Rebound memory foam, the contoured design allows the proper support of the cervical spine and alignment of the neck, shoulders and back.

The shape of the pillow prevents your head from rolling out of an optimal position to reduce pressure on your neck.

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