Sleep is essential for life and unfortunately, not everyone is able to get enough sleep. What position you choose and what is comfortable for you will impact your ability to get an effective night of sleep, but it also may be linked to the position of your pillow. No, we are not talking about how elevated your head is during the night, but rather the position of your legs. More and more people are enjoying the extreme benefits of sleeping with a pillow between your legs.

Orthopaedic Memory Foam Wedge
Orthopaedic Memory Foam Wedge
The pillow has been designed by doctors, athletes, and physiotherapists to provide support all night without deflating like a balloon. When used between the knees, the pillow will prevent pelvic rotation and improve spinal alignment.

Improved Spinal Alignment

Side sleepers often experience pressure on their hips during the night. Rolling to the other side can alleviate the pressure for a time, but relief is temporary. However, by sleeping with a pillow placed between your knees at night, your spine is better aligned leading to less pressure on your hips.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Experiencing lower back pain while sleeping is never a good experience and many people who sleep on their back have lower back pain. Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees helps this problem tremendously. By aligning your spine and alleviating pressure on your back, you will fall asleep faster and not experience back pain that has plagued you in the past.

Enhanced Sleep Posture

Posture is important. Not only is it an important factor for your day to day life, but during the night as well. As you sleep, your posture can diminish over time, but side sleepers with a pillow firmly placed between their knees align their spine and can improve their sleep posture naturally.

Possible Relief to Muscle Cramps

Nighttime muscle cramps are no laughing matter and approximately 6% of adults report having these muscle cramps from time to time. Various sleep positions can intensify these cramps leaving your muscles strained at night. A pillow between your knees while you sleep helps you maintain optimal balance without pressure that can sometimes cause nighttime muscle cramping.

Pregnancy Support

Getting comfortable while pregnant can seem impossible and the larger the baby gets, the more difficult sleep can become. Doctors often recommend pregnant women to sleep on their sides, but this can be an uncomfortable position as well. However, a pillow placed between your knees will provide plenty of support for your growing belly and help you maintain a comfortable position all night relieving back, hip, and leg tension while you sleep.

Optimal Blood Circulation

Have you ever woken up to your extremities tingling? That is a sign of poor blood circulation. It can also cause swelling and a whole host of other issues. Finding a position that optimizes blood blow while you sleep reduces the risk of varicose veins and can even keep your heart ticking as it should. A pillow between your knees has proven to be the best position for maintaining optimal blood circulation.

Can Open Airways

Sleeping on your back increases the risk of snoring, so many people who experience snoring turn to their side to alleviate the problem. Having a pillow between your knees improves alignment of your entire body, including your airways, so you reduce your risk of sleep apnea and snoring even more.

Reduces Hip Pressure

Pressure is a big problem while we sleep and as we age, too much pressure can make for a very painful morning. Pressure can also cause your hips and spine to come out of alignment leading to various health issues. Placing a pillow between your knees can help prevent hip pressure and improve your day to day sleep routine.

Improves Herniated Disc Pain

Herniated discs and sciatica can be a significant problem for people of all ages. Pain can be intensified by pressure during sleep. As we have already discussed, sleeping with a pillow between your knees aligns the spine and reduces pressure on your hip and back muscles. According to studies, a leg pillow of just a pillow between your knees keeps hips from rotating during sleep to prevent possible lower back pain and aggravating herniated discs.

Maintain Position While Sleeping

Often people claim their partner is difficult to sleep with due to their nocturnal movements. Kicking around at night or tossing and turning can not only cause you to lose sleep, but your partner as well. if you want to get a great night sleep and help yourself maintain the right sleeping position, sleeping with a pillow between your knees is the best solution. You are less likely to move around at night in this position.

Sleeping with a pillow between your knees can take some getting used to, but more and more people are using this method to ensure they receive the sleep they so desperately deserve. The benefits of sleeping with a pillow between your knees are amazing and if you have struggled to find the right sleeping position, try this one. You won’t regret it.

Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow
Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow
The leg pillow is made from soft yet dense memory foam, which adjusts to the shape of your lower body, creating a support system for your knees and legs.

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