A memory foam pillow should be replaced every 18-36 months. After this time, it’ll no longer provide the necessary support and comfort that you need. It’s also good to get a new memory foam pillow for hygiene reasons, as dust, sweat and odours will gradually build up.

Ecosafeter Contour Memory Foam Pillow
Ecosafeter Contour Memory Foam Pillow
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Why should I replace my memory foam pillow

Even if you take great care of your pillow, it’ll still need replacing eventually – you might not even notice when it starts to wear out. Plus, you won’t be able to see the build up of dust and bacteria that naturally occurs over time. Here are five good reasons why you should replace your memory foam pillow

1. Improved support and comfort

Pillows help to keep your head and neck supported as you sleep. Over time, your pillow will start to sag and become less supportive, which will cause discomfort and poor sleep quality.

2. Reduced neck ache and back pain

As well providing support, memory foam pillows keep your head and neck aligned with your spine, so your body remains in the correct position for a comfortable sleep. If your pillow is old, it may not be supportive enough to keep your body in the right place. By replacing it, you can reduce neck ache and back pain.

3. Helps with allergy symptoms

Memory foam pillows are designed to be anti-dust and anti-allergy because of the way their fibres are structured. However, dust mites will build up sooner or later, which can cause allergy symptoms like sneezing, congestion and breathing difficulties. If you find that your allergies are worse at night, consider replacing your pillow.

4. Better skin

Dust, sweat and bacteria are naturally absorbed by your pillow, which isn’t great for your skin. The oils and dirt are transferred onto your face at night, which can cause clogged pores, acne breakouts and irritation. A new memory foam pillow could be the solution to better skin.

5. Encourages good hygiene

If your memory foam pillow is stained or has a bad odour, you might try spot-cleaning or washing it entirely. However, washing your pillow won’t always get rid of bacteria, strong smells and tough stains. It’s best to replace it for good hygiene.

How do you revive a memory foam pillow?

If you have accidentally put your memory foam pillow in the washing machine, it will be difficult to revive it. You can try shaking it several times before leaving it in the sun to air dry completely.

Memory foam is very absorbent and it will be hard to get your pillow back to its original condition. If you do wash it in the machine by accident, you’ll likely need to replace it. Find a new one today with our great selection of memory foam pillows.

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