Memory foam pillows have drastically increased in popularity over the years as more people discover the variety of benefits they offer. These devices can make sleep more comfortable as they cradle your head in a supported position throughout the night. However, as amazing as memory foam pillow are, they carry one glaring flaw. They are not moldable.

The problem with this factor is finding the right position can be a challenge if your body is not in alignment with the pillow design. A memory foam pillow simply moves back into its original form no matter what you do to alter the state of its design. A shredded memory foam pillow works differently and is quickly becoming even more popular than its non-conformist counterpart.

pillowLY Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
pillowLY Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
The memory foam pillow will come stuffed full of high quality blue gel memory foam that will provide personalized support to your head, neck and shoulders, relieving pain and enhancing your sleep.

What is Shredded Memory Foam?

The initial properties of memory foam can be amazing, but once you realize they are not moldable, the honeymoon is over. You can fight with your standard memory foam pillow during the night, or upgrade to a more efficient and trusted form of memory foam.

Shredded memory foam is exactly what it sounds like. These pillows are comprised of small pieces of memory foam with the same bounce and texture as traditional memory foam. However, due to the ability to move about within the pillow, the structure is completely moldable. You can squish, fluff, and mold until your heart is content and restful sleep arrives.

Why Are They Called Bamboo Pillows?

That is an excellent question. Basically, it comes down to marketing. With emphasis being placed on environmentalism throughout the globe companies are marketing differently. Essentially, calling the pillow a bamboo pillow gives the illusion that the pillow is comprised entirely of environmentally friendly materials. Where it is true that many companies do primarily use environmentally friendly materials, not all of them do. If you are the type of person that invests in environmentally sound products, make sure you know what materials are used and the term is not just being utilised to sell products.

The Package Looks Small

Yes, when you order a shredded memory foam pillow or shredded memory foam pieces to make your own pillow, the package will look remarkably small. This aspect is due to the factory vacuum sealing the product. By sucking out the air, bulk shipping costs are drastically reduced, so when your product arrives, it will look much smaller than anticipated. However, once the seal is broken, the fibers will spring to life and come to their desired shape.

Why Does Shredded Memory Foam Have a Specific Scent?

Fibers smell differently and when contending with memory foam of any variety, there is a specific scent. Often, customers will complain about the smell, but it is just something shredded memory foam pillows will just have to get used to. It is the organic compounds contained within the memory foam that creates the odour. The smell is primarily due to a gassing of the fibers. That is also the reason why some claim memory foam to be toxic. Although these studies have yet to produce an true results, and no actual toxicity has been reported, it is something you should be aware of when buying a shredded memory foam pillow.

What is it Like to Sleep on a Shredded Memory Foam Pillow?

Unlike traditional memory foam pillows that have no way of altering the state of fibers, shredded memory foam is completely customizable. This is especially true if you intend on ordering shredded memory foam fibers to fill your own pillow case. The ability to adjust how much filling is placed within the pillow is remarkable for a variety of users.

It can take some getting used wo when sleeping on a shredded memory foam pillow, but if the device is too firm, take a few fibers out. If it proves to be too stiff, add in more fibers. It is all about adjusting things to your needs.

What is Lost with Shredded Memory Foam?

Shredded memory foam is remarkably adaptable to virtually any user, but there is one distinct issue for those who are used to traditional memory foam pillows. The cradling affect that is so common in traditional memory foam pillows is not an option with shredded memory foam pillows.

Due to the shredded nature of the fibers, they do not allow the standard bounce back feature that is so popular with traditional memory foam. However, many people prefer shredded memory foam pillows for their overall adaptability.

A shredded memory foam pillow may not support or align your spine like a traditional memory foam pillow, but if you are the type of person that likes to be able to mold their pillow to their specifications, this pillow is for you. Try one out today and see how much you like it. You might truly enjoy the ability to move the fibers to the exact position required for a beautiful night sleep.

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