Memory foam pillows are among the most comfortable types of pillows on the market today. Their ability to conform to the body and bounce back to their original form is astounding and the support their provide is amazing. However, dust mites and bacteria can live anywhere and washing your pillows regularly will help you maintain proper health. Clean pillows help improve sleep and overall health, so when it comes time to wash your memory foam pillow, here is what to do to ensure it dries correctly.

Wash According to Instructions

The label on your memory foam pillow will have proper washing instructions. Some can be placed in a standard washing machine, but others may require hand washing to keep from damaging the fabric or interior foam. Wash the pillow according to the instructions provided and when in doubt, simply hand wash with gentle detergent.

Squeeze Out Water

Once you have washed your memory foam pillow, drying is naturally the next step. The composition of memory foam makes it highly absorbent, so it will have a lot of excess water within. Squeeze out as much water as possible, but do not twist the foam to ring it out.

Airflow is Essential

The nature of memory foam makes it essential to provide plenty of space for the pillow to dry. It is recommended that you dry your pillow outside in the sun for no less than 4 hours. Make sure your pillow is resting on a clean, dry surface. A clothes line is the best option, but if one is not available, a drying rack will work as well.

Inside Drying

Sometimes, outside drying is not an option due to the weather or location of your home, but drying your memory foam pillow indoors is possible also. When drying indoors, the same need for space and air flow apply, so try placing your pillow near a window with plenty of sunlight or in the direction of a fan to help speed up the process. Drying indoors can take a little more time.

Flip Often

If you are not drying your pillow on a clothes line, you will need to flip it often. Moisture settles within the fabric and drops to the bottom, so flipping the pillow helps it dry much faster. Both sides need to have the chance to draw in the sunlight and dry the interior.

Press the Pillow

Even if the surface of your memory foam pillow feels dry, the interior might not be. Press the pillow between your hands to ensure there is no moisture lurking inside. If there is, repeat the drying process for a little longer until the interior is dry as well. Neglecting to properly dry the interior can lead to the potential for harmful bacteria and mildew to grow.

Drying a Memory Foam Pillow in the Dryer

The use of a tumble dryer is never recommended for drying a memory foam pillow. First, the fibers within the pillow can break, causing the pillow to essentially, fall apart and be of no use. Secondly, fibers can become too hot in a dryer and have the potential to catch fire. However, if you must use a dryer to dry your memory foam pillow, follow this procedure.

Never Overload

Overloading the dryer with too many pillows can cause it to not dry the pillows properly. Pillows will expand while drying so never place more than two memory foam pillows in your dryer at any one time.

Lowest Heat Settings

Your tumble dryer has a range of heat settings. For the purpose of drying a memory foam pillow, set the dryer to the very lowest heat settings. Setting it any higher has the potential to cause a fire.

Use Tennis Balls to Help

Your tumble dryer can effectively dry most items, but they have a difficult time drying substantial things such as memory foam pillows, so to help the system work better, place a few tennis balls inside a sock. Throw this in with the pillow. While the drum spins, the tennis balls will help maintain the pillow’s fluff and bounce.

45 Minutes at a Time

The process of drying a pillow in a tumble dryer takes time and patience. Dry for 45 minutes at a time and check the pillow between cycles. After each cycle, remove the pillow and shake it out to help maintain fluff and avoid clumping.

Check Moisture Levels

Once your memory foam pillow has gone through a few cycles, squeeze it out to ensure there is no underlying moisture. If it is dry, then you are done, but if not, repeat another cycle until all interior fibers are devoid of moisture.

Memory foam pillows can last for many years when properly cared for and regular washing is part of that important care, so wash your memory foam pillow regularly and always dry responsibly and completely.