If you suffer from acid reflux, you can minimise your symptoms by making a few lifestyle changes, including changing your pillow. Learn more about how you can prevent acid reflux and heartburn at night and get a better night’s sleep.

What is acid reflux?

Acid reflux happens when acid in your stomach moves up towards your throat, resulting in heartburn and a bad taste in your mouth. This uncomfortable feeling can be caused by lying down, as your stomach and throat are at the same level, which is why many people experience acid reflux when they’re trying to sleep.

5 quick tips to stop acid reflux at night

You can normally prevent acid reflux and heartburn with a few simple changes. Here are five easy tips to try and stop acid reflux from happening at night.

  1. Avoid spicy or fatty foods, plus citrus fruits, which commonly trigger heartburn
  2. Limit coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks before bedtime
  3. Allow your dinner to settle and eat your last meal around three hours before bed
  4. Wear loose pyjamas to bed which don’t feel tight around your stomach
  5. Keep your head and chest raised with a supportive wedge pillow

What’s the best pillow for acid reflux?

Memory foam wedge pillows are the best pillows for acid reflux, because they keep your head and chest elevated. This prevents the stomach acid from travelling up to your throat, so you’re less likely to suffer from acid reflux symptoms like heartburn.

A wedge pillow can be positioned in different ways to help with other problems, like back pain or aching legs. If you have acid reflux but also want to support your body and improve your overall comfort. These wedge pillows can be used for sitting up in the daytime or for elevating your head and chest at night.

Best wedge pillow: Byre® Wedge Pillow
Best wedge pillow: Byre® Wedge Pillow
Premium Foam Folding Wedge Pillow provided by UK business. Adjustable Pillow for Sitting, Reading, Back Pain, Leg Pain, Heartburn, Acid Reflux.

Memory Foam Pillows Help with Acid Reflux?

How do you sleep on a wedge pillow for acid reflux?

To reduce acid reflux, position your wedge pillow with the lowest part of the incline resting against your back. Lie down and place your head on the most elevated point of the pillow, ensuring your chest is raised too. Leave a couple of inches between the top of your head and the end of the pillow.

By sleeping like this, your stomach acid shouldn’t be able to travel towards your throat, reducing heartburn and helping you sleep better.

Why choose a memory foam wedge pillow?

A memory foam wedge pillow offers personalised support and comfort as the material adapts to your natural shape. By responding to heat and pressure, the memory foam wedge moulds around your body, fitting perfectly around your head and neck.

When the foam cools, it springs back to its original shape, so you can use a memory foam wedge pillow in other positions to help relieve pressure in your back or legs.

Memory foam pillows don’t just help with acid reflux – they can be the solution to snoring and sleep apnoea too. Discover their other health benefits or find out more about the different types of pillow in our simple advice guides.

ADEPTNA Comfort Memory Foam Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow
ADEPTNA Comfort Memory Foam Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow
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AviiatoR® Orthopaedic Bed Wedge Support Pillow Memory Foam
AviiatoR® Orthopaedic Bed Wedge Support Pillow Memory Foam
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