You should only need to use one memory foam pillow for a comfortable sleep. These pillows are designed to keep your spine aligned with your head and neck, so if you have more than one, your body won’t stay in line, which could cause aches and pains.

Depending on your sleeping position, or if you suffer from back pain, you might need to use two pillows – but the second one isn’t for your head. Find out how many memory foam pillows you should use for each sleeping position below.

How to choose the right number of pillows for your sleeping position

Side sleepers should use two pillows

If you sleep on your side, you can try using two memory foam pillows, although only will stay underneath your head. For proper spine alignment, side sleepers should put a second memory foam pillow in between their knees. This stops your leg from misaligning the spine and reduces the pressure placed on your back. You should sleep on your other pillow like normal.

TheComfortZone Memory Foam Pillow
TheComfortZone Memory Foam Pillow
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Back sleepers need one memory foam pillow

Sleeping on your back is already the best way for your spine, as it keeps your body in a neutral position, which minimises neck ache and back pain. Back sleepers should stick to one memory foam pillow for a good night’s sleep, as it will help to keep your spine in the right place.

If you suffer from serious lower back pain, try placing a second memory foam pillow underneath your knees. This reduces the stress placed on your lower back and can help relieve the pain.

Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping
Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping
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Front sleepers will benefit from using two thinner pillows

Sleeping on your front isn’t good for your back, as this misaligns your spine, putting a lot of uncomfortable pressure onto it. Avoid front sleeping where possible. If you can’t, stomach sleepers will benefit from using two thinner pillows.

The first pillow can go underneath your head as usual. A thinner memory foam pillow will help to prevent from you bending your neck upwards as you sleep. The second pillow should go underneath your stomach to keep your body flat and your spine aligned.

Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow
Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow
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How many pillows is too many?

You only need to use a maximum of two pillows, so any more is unnecessary. For the best results, try sleeping on one memory foam pillow first, as it will adapt to the shape of your head and neck and keep your spine in the right place.

But if you find yourself sleeping on your side or your front, or if you have back pain, consider using a second pillow. Find the right one for your sleeping position with our range of memory foam pillows online.

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