Over time, memory foam pillows eventually start to sag. This can affect your sleep quality as your pillow will be less comfortable and supportive than it’s supposed to be. If you’ve noticed that your memory foam pillow is looking less plump than usual, try these four quick ways to reshape it.

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4 ways to plump up a memory foam pillow

1. Flip your pillow

Memory foam works by moulding to your body, so if you’ve been sleeping on your pillow for a while, it’ll feel softer as it’s adapted to the shape of your head and neck. Simply flip your memory foam pillow over to the other side to make it instantly feel firmer.

2. Squeeze and shake your pillow

You can quickly plump up a pillow by gently squeezing and shaking it, allowing the foam filling to move back to its original shape. This works particularly well if you have a shredded memory foam pillow, as the air between the filling allows it to move around easily.

3. Cool your pillow

Memory foam pillows respond to your body temperature, which is why they’re softer when warm. If you want to plump up your pillow, try doing the opposite. Simply leave it in a cold room and allow the memory foam to go back to its original shape. Don’t worry – your pillow will adapt to your body when you apply heat and pressure again

4. Air out your pillow

Memory foam pillows are very absorbent and will gradually take in the oils and sweat from your skin. The build up of moisture can weigh down your pillow and make it feel out of shape. To remove the excess moisture, air your pillow by placing it outside in the sun. In a few hours, your pillow should feel dry and plump again.

Why do memory foam pillows sag?

All pillows will eventually sag, simply because you sleep on it every night. No pillow can last forever. If you notice that your memory foam pillow is sagging, it’s likely because of use. You can try reshaping or plumping it, but if it’s too uncomfortable to sleep on, you should replace it.

How to restore a memory foam pillow after being washed?

Memory foam is like a sponge because it absorbs moisture easily, so you should never put it in the washing machine, or it will become waterlogged. If your pillow does accidentally go in the machine, you can try to restore it by letting it completely air dry in the sun.

If your pillow won’t dry, it’s best to dispose of it and invest in a new one – browse our online memory foam collections to find a replacement today.

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How To Fluff Memory Foam Pillow

If you are new to using memory foam pillows, you may wonder how you can fluff them up like regular feather-filled pillows.

You may even wonder if you can clean and refresh memory foam pillows without harming their form and responsiveness. The good news is that memory foam pillows are far easier to keep clean and fluffed up than standard pillows and are also highly breathable and hypoallergenic too!

Memory foam pillows have taken the bedding marketplace by storm in recent years. Their popularity has skyrocketed their sales above and beyond other pillow material options currently available.

However, it would help if you were mindful of the best ways to take care of your memory foam pillows to keep them in good condition and avoid damaging the structure of the foam.

Daily pillow care

An easy way to keep your memory foam pillow looking and feeling good is to give it a good shake each morning after you get out of bed. Gently squeezing and patting it down with your hands will help to keep the pillow structure in good condition.

Giving your pillow a daily shake and squish will help sustain the pillow’s natural levels of viscoelasticity and will allow fresh air to circulate through the pillow.

You can also assist your pillow’s longevity by simply flipping your pillow over each day. Rotating your pillow daily will ensure that equal pressure is placed on both sides of your pillow to help balance out and reshape the pillow to avoid it sinking to one side.

Monthly pillow care

It is good to treat your memory foam pillow to a good airing each month. Regardless of what they are made from, the thing with pillows is that they will absorb moisture over time. Giving your pillow a good airing out for a day each month will help to release and evaporate any trapped moisture microdroplets in your pillow.

If you have an outdoor clothes airer, put out your pillow on a dry day once a month will let your pillow refresh itself with fresh air. If you pick up the pillow and give it a good shake and squeeze every hour, it will help speed up this process.

Using the dryer

You can use your tumble dryer to fluff up your memory foam pillow. Heat exposure helps kill any trapped viruses or pathogens on the pillow, so it is a great idea to refresh your pillow when you are getting over a cold or the flu.

Using the tumble dryer is better for fluffing up your pillow when you cannot air it outside. Maybe it’s raining out, or the weather is too humid for outdoor airing to be effective.

One-piece vs shredded

Memory foam pillows are available as solid, one-piece or shredded foam options. If you need more support while sleeping, then choosing a firmer one-piece memory foam pillow will be a better choice as it will effectively support the natural curve of your head and neck.

Shredded memory foam pillows will often use a mixture of foam and other materials to give a softer and more lightweight pillow for those who find solid memory foam pillows too firm. Shredded air foam pillows have a greater level of air circulation and will dry out and fluff up much quicker than a one-piece foam pillow.

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