A v-shaped pillow is designed to give you extra support and comfort by keeping your head elevated while you sleep, which relieves pressure and minimises neck pain. These unique and versatile pillows also stop you from tossing and turning, helping to protect your spine and reduce back pain.

Orthopaedic V-Shaped Pillow Extra Cushioning Support For Head, Neck & Back
Orthopaedic V-shaped neck support hollow fibre filled pillow for ultimate comfort.

Top 7 benefits of a V-shaped pillow

1. Elevates your head for extra support

V-shaped pillows are great for elevating your head and providing more support than a regular pillow. It’s important to keep your head at comfortable angle, especially if you suffer from a sore neck or back pain. You can also use a v-shaped pillow on top of your regular pillow for extra support.

2. Works for your entire body

V-shaped pillows are very versatile – they aren’t just great to sleep on. You could also use one when sitting on your sofa or in a desk chair. They’re ideal for relieving pressure points all over your body. Whether you need to support your back, neck, hips or shoulders, you can position a v-shaped pillow comfortably almost anywhere.

3. Prevents tossing and turning

Tossing and turning can seriously disrupt your sleep – not to mention your partner’s, too. If you find yourself waking up with a headache or still feeling tired, you might be tossing and turning throughout the night. A v-shaped pillow can help, as it stops you rolling from side to side. This also helps to protect your spine and keep it in a neutral position, reducing back pain.

4. Supportive during pregnancy

V-shaped pillows can be good for pregnant women who need extra support and pressure relief. You can use a v-shaped pillow for wherever you need to relieve the pain. Try using it while sitting down to help with a sore lower back. Alternatively, you could tuck your v-shaped pillow between your knees to alleviate pressure when sleeping on your side.

5. Comfortable for breastfeeding

You can keep using your v-shaped pillow after pregnancy, too. If you’re breastfeeding, these pillows can help you support your baby and make you feel more comfortable. Place the v-shaped pillow underneath your arm or across your lap, depending on which feeding position you prefer. You can also use it for regular back support while holding your baby.

6. Great for reading

If you enjoy reading before going to sleep, a v-shaped pillow is perfect for keeping you propped up comfortably. Rest the pillow against your headboard or wall, so you can stay supported while sitting up in bed.

7. Improves snoring

Lying flat on your back is usually the best sleeping position for your spine. However, it’s likely to make snoring worse, since this position can cause your airways to be obstructed. But because v-shaped pillows keep your head properly elevated, they can reduce snoring, even if you sleep on your back.

How do you sleep with a V shaped pillow?

Because they’re so versatile, you can sleep on a v-shaped pillow in almost any position you find comfortable. The most common way is to lie with your head in the centre of the v-shape, although you might find it comfier to lie slightly off-centre if you sleep on your side.

What are the best V shaped pillows?

We would recommend the below as our top 3 options:

ARLINEN Bamboo Memory Foam V Shaped Pillow
Multi-functional Shredded Memory Foam V Shaped Pillow with Removable Cover
Starhomeware Bamboo Memory Foam V Shaped Pillow
Shredded Memory Foam V Shaped Pillow with Removable Cover