If you have a brand-new memory foam pillow, you might think it feels firmer than a regular pillow. But don’t worry – this is completely normal and you can easily soften it to get a great night’s sleep. Read our quick guide here to learn how to break in your memory foam pillow.

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Why do memory foam pillows feel hard?

Memory foam pillows can feel hard at first because they are designed to mould around your head and neck to provide complete support and keep your spine in the right position. Your pillow softens as it adapts to your body shape, so until you sleep on yours, it might feel firmer than normal.

Not only do these pillows respond to pressure, but also to heat. If you have recently unpackaged your memory foam pillow, it might feel cold and hard. However, after a few moments of lying down, your pillow will respond to your body temperature and soften up.

If you have a new pillow, there are two ways to quickly soften it: heating or applying pressure. Read on to find out how to break in a memory foam pillow with these simple steps.

How to break in a memory foam pillow with heat

Step 1: Turn on your electric blanket or fill up a hot water bottle.
Step 2: Place your memory foam pillow onto the electric blanket or underneath the hot water bottle.
Step 3: Wait for around 15 minutes, allowing your pillow to soften with the heat.
Step 4: Lie on the warm, softened side of pillow and let the memory foam comfortably adapt to the shape of your head and neck.

As an alternative to heat, you can also break in a memory foam pillow by applying pressure, or in other words, beating it! Here’s how you can squeeze and soften your pillow easily.

How to break in a memory foam pillow by applying pressure

Step 1: Lie your pillow on a flat surface, such as your mattress or the floor.
Step 2: Beat one side of your pillow, particularly focusing on the part where your head lies.
Step 3: Flip your memory foam pillow over and repeat.
Step 4: Finish by squeezing your pillow all over so it’s completely broken in, ready to sleep on.

Does a memory foam pillow get softer over time?

Of course, you don’t have to try these methods to break in your memory foam pillow, because it will soften over time as you sleep on it. Simply lying on your pillow at night will allow the memory foam to adapt to your body shape, naturally breaking it in.

How long will it take to break in my memory foam pillow?

It takes a few minutes to break in your memory foam pillow as it reacts to the pressure and temperature of your body. If your bedroom is cold, you might find that your pillow takes a few days to break in, because without heat, these pillows naturally spring back to their original shape. If you want to break in your memory foam pillow quicker, apply heat with an electric blanket or hot water bottle, making it feel softer in just 15 minutes.

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