Lazy Lovers: Brits Search for the Laziest Sex Positions Over Christmas

While the mulled wine and mistletoe season may be the most popular time for sex, our research reveals that due to Brits overindulging on their Christmas dinner, they’re looking for lazier ways to ignite the passion with their lover at Christmas.

However, after enlisting the advice of the UK’s leading dating expert, James Preece, we discovered that you can have your festive dinner with all the trimmings and still enjoy some festive fun under the sheets afterwards. We’ve also uncovered the UK’s most popular sex positions over Christmas.

Plus, for those who’d like to get a head start on their health-related resolutions, we’ve even discovered how much sex you’d need to burn off your Christmas dinner.

Top findings

  • Christmas holidays are the most popular time for sex, between Dec 17th and Jan 4th
  • But Brits seem to overindulge as online searches for lazy sex positions increase by 9,900%
  • Missionary and spooning are revealed to be the UK’s favourite festive positions
  • You would need to have sex for 24 hours straight to burn off your Christmas dinner

Festive friskiness: more Brits bonk over the Christmas holidays than any other time

According to the Office for National Statistics, more Brits have sex during the Christmas holidays than any other time of the year, specifically between December 17th and January 4th. The government data shows that birth rates peak nine months after Christmas and New Year, suggesting that the festive period is the most popular time to have sex.

Research suggests that Brits have more sex because of our ‘hedonistic approach to life’ during the Christmas holidays, meaning we’re more likely to look for pleasure in the festive season. Another theory simply says that couples can spend more time together during the Christmas break, so have more opportunities to enjoy sex. Whatever the reason, many of us are clearly heating things up in the holidays.

Online searches for lazier sex positions increase by 9,900% before Christmas

Even though many Brits plan on having sex over the Christmas period, it seems that we’re too tempted by pigs in blankets to make much effort. So, if you’re in the mood but are feeling that festive fatigue, don’t worry – you aren’t alone.

We found that online searches for the ‘best sex position to not get tired’ have increased by 9,900% since the 15th of November, showing just how many of us are seeking a sizzling Christmas that won’t require much energy. But which position is our favourite?

Missionary comes out on top as the UK’s most popular sex position at Christmas

We compared online searches of 20 popular sex positions to discover which is the UK’s festive favourite, studying which ones had the biggest increase in interest since the summer. The results reveal that we’re more likely to enjoy the lazier side of sex, as missionary takes the top spot with a huge 280% increase in searches.

Commonly thought of as one of the least energetic positions, missionary sex doesn’t require much effort. But it’s still a great choice, simply because of ‘the mere closeness of two bodies,’ says sex therapist Debra Laino. That’s good news for when you’re in the mood but have eaten too many roast potatoes.

Spooning sex comes in second place, with a 204% spike in online searches at Christmas. While it’s another one of the simpler positions, spooning is perfect for post-Christmas dinner sex. See the full list of our top 10 Christmas sex positions below.

The UK’s top 10 festive sex positions revealed

If you’re looking to spice things up this season, here are the UK’s 10 most popular sex positions searched for at Christmas time.

Sex Position

Online Search Increase at Christmas

1. Missionary


2. Spooning


3. Eagle


4. Cowgirl


5. Reverse Cowgirl


6. Mutual Masturbation


7. Standing


8. Lotus


9. The Hook


10. The Butterfly



As you can see from the top 10, many Brits are looking up lazier positions around Christmas time, suggesting that we’re planning on enjoying some festive indulgence while maintaining our sex lives throughout the season. But if you were planning on going all-out for your partner this Christmas, here’s one thing that might change your mind.

You’d need to have sex for 24 hours straight to burn off your Christmas dinner

One study uncovered that sex burns 3.6 calories per minute, which totals 216 calories per hour. Since the average Christmas dinner is around 5,200 calories, you would need to have sex for 24 hours straight before burning it off. Since it’s probably impossible to keep at it for that long, we researched which food and drinks you could actually burn off with an hour of Christmas sex.

1 hour of sex-ercise would burn off the calories of these Christmas treats

 Festive Treat Average Calories Amount of Sex-ercise to Burn Off
50ml glass of Baileys 164 calories 45 mins
1 mince pie 180 calories 50 mins
4 pigs in blankets 212 calories 58 mins
5 Quality Street sweets 220 calories 61 mins
120ml glass of mulled wine 227 calories 63 mins


If you’re planning on enjoying some festive fun, we asked the UK’s top dating expert, James Preece, for his advice on enjoying sex at Christmas – even if you’ve overindulged.

4 top tips for enjoying Christmas sex from the UK’s top dating expert

1) Grab it when you can

Christmas often means rushing around, which can tire you out quickly. Having sex quickly and often can be much better for you than making it into another chore. A few minutes here and there will make you both feel relaxed and more deeply connected.

2) Timing is important

It's much easier to have sex first thing in the morning than late at night when you've overindulged. Testosterone and estrogen levels are much higher first thing, meaning you are both more likely to be in the mood.

3) Festive role play

Christmas is all about having fun, so make the most of it. One of you could be Santa and the other someone who has been especially naughty this year. Maybe now is a good time to find some sexy underwear for their stocking!

4) Go big on aphrodisiacs

Want a little energy boost? Consider what you put into your mouth and choose things that might just enhance your desire. By eating and drinking aphrodisiacs, you can experiment and change your mindset. There's no better excuse for eating some Christmas chocolate or enjoying some Prosecco!


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