Memory foam pillows can be good for front sleepers if you choose a thinner option. Sleeping on your stomach is the worst position for your body, as it puts unnecessary pressure on your spine. A thinner pillow will help to keep your body flat and aligned correctly.

Flat Pillow for Front Sleepers
Flat Pillow for Front Sleepers
Memory Foam Pillow Medium for Stomach Sleepers

It isn’t recommended, but if you find sleeping on your front more comfortable, here are three options you can try to reduce neck ache and back pain.

Which pillow options are good for front sleepers?

1. Thinner memory foam pillow

A standard memory foam pillow will measure between four and six inches in height. However, this can place your neck at an awkward angle which isn’t in line with your spine. Instead, choose a thinner pillow which prevents your neck from bending upward and keeps your body in a neutral position.

2. Shredded memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillows are designed to offer a lot of cushioning and support, so can be too firm for stomach sleepers. Opt for a shredded memory foam pillow instead, as they provide the same level of support and comfort but aren’t as densely packed with foam, so they feel softer.

3. Two memory foam pillows

Front sleepers should try sleeping with two memory foam pillows to minimise the strain on their pack. Place one thinner pillow under your head as you would normally. The second pillow goes beneath your stomach to keep your spine neutral while you sleep.

Is it bad to sleep on your stomach without a pillow?

Ideally, front sleepers would be better off with no pillow at all, as this would keep the spine neutral and the body flat. However, it’s very uncomfortable to sleep without a pillow and not a realistic option for stomach sleepers. Try one of our top picks below to comfortably sleep on your front.

Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow
Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow
The original Panda memory foam bamboo pillow with a triple layer moulded memory foam for ultimate support and comfort.

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