An orthopaedic pillow is designed to reduce neck, back and shoulder pain by keeping your body in the correct position while you sleep. As well as supporting proper spinal alignment, orthopaedic pillows alleviate pressure points and offer improved comfort at night.

Ecosafeter Contour Memory Foam Pillow
Ecosafeter Contour Memory Foam Pillow
Cervical Orthopedic Deep Sleep Neck Pillow

Who should use an orthopaedic pillow?

Orthopaedic involves treating problems which relate to your bones, muscles and joints. If you experience lower back pain, a sore neck or similar issues, you can benefit from using an orthopaedic pillow. These pillows help to keep your spine in a neutral position when sleeping, which can minimise any aches and pains.

You might choose an orthopaedic pillow for a specific ailment or sleep condition. However, many can benefit from sleeping on an orthopaedic pillow all the time, as it can give you a better night’s sleep. If you regularly wake up with an aching back or neck, consider choosing an orthopaedic pillow to improve your overall comfort.

What are the types of orthopaedic pillow?

Most orthopaedic pillows are the standard rectangle shape, designed for you to rest your head on comfortably. However, there are other types of orthopaedic pillow, such as a wedge pillow, which elevates different parts of the body and are great for targeting specific pain points. There is also the orthopaedic knee pillow, which fits between your knees to keep your spine in a neutral position when sleeping on your side.

Many orthopaedic pillows are made from memory foam, as this material responds to your body heat and pressure, providing tailored comfort. Orthopaedic pillows are also usually firmer to offer more support.

ComfyCozy Luxury Memory Foam Pillow And Silk Eye Mask
ComfyCozy Luxury Memory Foam Pillow And Silk Eye Mask
Orthopedic Support For Neck Shoulder Pain

How to choose an orthopaedic pillow?

If you’re looking for an orthopaedic pillow, here are four things you should consider when choosing one.

1. Type of pillow

Think about which type of orthopaedic pillow suits you best. Do you have general aches and pains and just want to try a standard style pillow to sleep on? Or do you have a specific ailment and want to target a particular area of the body, so would benefit from a wedge pillow?

2. Sleeping position

Depending if you’re a back, side or front sleeper might impact which orthopaedic pillow you choose. For example, you could pick a knee pillow if you sleep on your side, as this can improve your spinal and pelvic alignment.

3. Pillow firmness

You normally won’t find very soft orthopaedic pillows, as they wouldn’t be supportive enough. Instead, you should choose a firmer pillow, as this can support your body properly and keep your spine in the correct position throughout the night.

4. Pillow filling

Orthopaedic pillows come in a variety of fillings, but memory foam is usually thought to be the best for personalised comfort. This is because memory foam orthopaedic pillows will adapt to the shape of your body and provide the right levels of support and comfort for your needs.

Orthopaedic vs. regular pillows

Regular pillows are still supportive and comfortable. However, orthopaedic pillows follow certain guidelines, so are specially designed to help with joint and muscle pain. This means that orthopaedic pillows are better than regular pillows if you need that extra support.

Browse the full range of memory foam pillows online and find your perfect orthopaedic option for a great night’s sleep.

ZenPur Memory Foam Pillows 2 Pack
ZenPur Memory Foam Pillows 2 Pack
Orthopedic Pillows for Neck Pain Relief and Perfect for Side Sleeper

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